Friday, April 6, 2012

Egg-ceptional students in egg-streme competition at UAB

The most egg-cellent 23rd Annual Brent Newman Memorial Egg Drop Contest egg-xemplified engineering as student’s egg-ceeded egg-spectations!

Hundreds of egg-citable and egg-xuberant students from 13 Central Alabama elementary, middle and high schools egg-xhibited their engineering skills on the egg-xemplary campus of UAB. The goal: build an egg-xclusive contraption to keep an egg from egg-xploding when it lands after being thrown off a roof. Oh yeah, the roof is three-stories high – insert egg-xpletive here!

The event was hosted by the UAB School of Engineering student chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. It is not an egg-xact science as you can tell by the contraptions in the video. And you will notice the egg-ception to the rule is that there are no design restrictions. Students would be ruled egg-xempt and then egg-xcluded if their contraption did not fit in a 2-foot cube.

Students’ egg-xercise in their egg-xpertise was judged on creativity, apparatus mass and ease of use – in other words, can the egg-xamining judges put the egg in the contraption with little egg-xertion. But we all know the real judgment is whether or not they would egg-xalt for an egg landing sunny side up or make an egg-xcuse for the egg-xtra scrambled egg. You can watch the students egg-xorcise their deviled egg demons in our video that is the Croquet Madame of all videos!

We wish to egg-spose ourselves and say a handful of eggs were injured in the process. We are happy to report none of the egg-xotic eggs were poached. And thankfully we have egg-xhausted all our egg references and egg-xploited our last egg. At least we have until the 24th Annual Brent Newman Memorial Egg Drop Contest in 2013.

*If you are scoring at home this story contains 42 references to eggs. Yes, it is egg-cessive. Ok, make that 43 references.

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