Friday, December 10, 2010

McWane Science Center and UAB engineer a cool new exhibit just in time for holiday break

I know you are worried Central Alabama Moms and Dads. The kids are out on Christmas break in just a week or two, and you’ve got nothing to do. How to keep them occupied? How to tucker them out so the evenings can be peaceful ones? How about a visit to see an exhibit featuring UAB at the McWane Science Center in downtown Birmingham?

This holiday season the McWane Science Center is featuring an exhibit that showcases the work of the UAB BERM Center, a laboratory exploring "regenerative medicine" and "tissue engineering." BERM stands for the Biomatrix Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

I'd explain tissue engineering as the process of building body parts in the lab to replace parts that wear out over time or are damaged in accidents. Admittedly, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but I’ll leave it to the experts in the video above to explain the significance of tissue engineering. Plus, the video will give you a sneak peak of the exhibit at McWane, including artifacts from the UAB BERM Center, which is open from now until Jan. 2.

You also can read more about the UAB BERM Center at the McWane Science Center in a recent article from the UAB Reporter at this link:

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